Is Trade Printing Right for You?

Trade printing is used by graphic designers, ad and marketing agencies, print brokers and any one else who resells printing to their customers.

After years of experience, here’s some of our best advice to keep your printing costs down. We’ve found that a few small changes can make a big difference to your wallet, and deliver the same beautifully printed product.

Order in bulk: If you’re printing something that you know you will need more of, such as business cards or flyers, consider ordering more at a time instead of reordering every week. You’ll save money on couriers and shipping, and you might be able to switch to a more economical printing method as well.

Choose your product carefully: Talk to one of our customer service reps about the best way to optimize your orders, which type of printing is cheapest for you, and other different paper, ink, and quantity options that will help you stick to your budget.

Don’t pay for shipping: Choose a local company to save on shipping costs. Don’t forget to compare several companies and their rates before making your decision, and make sure that there are no extra “hidden” fees involved in your purchase.

Plan ahead! Rush jobs can get expensive, so look into your printing options well ahead of time to make an informed decision.

Gang run printing: Look into gang-run printing for offset print jobs, which combines several clients’ work onto a single print sheet. Gang run printing offers the same advantages as offset printing with a much lower cost.

Proof carefully: Get a printed proof before you give approval for the full order to be printed. We offer one free printed digital proof on placed orders. This way you won’t risk changing your mind after your project has gone to print!